Javi Ansoleaga


I am Javier Ansoleaga, I am looking forward to work as 3D Artist in the games industry and I am doing my best to have a chance.
I am passionate about 3D art and video games and since I started on this I have been looking for the chance to collaborate in a game doing 3D. I am an enthusiastic worker with a lot of motivation while I consider myself a friendly person with a great sense of professionalism when it comes to work to accomplish the given objectives.
During the last years I have accumulated a large range of skills with regards to 3D art. I gained experience in all aspects of the various 3d related skills, including, drawing concept art, texture painting, rigging, animation, environment and prop creation, illumination, etc. Finishing with a masters specializing in character modeling.
I also have experience working on large projects, I have collaborated in an animated TV show working as principal modeler. These gave me a good understanding and knowledge about the professional pipeline and the workflow procedures of a large project working as a team.
I have always tried to learn about as many aspects of the computer world as possible since I was little, which has given me a good level skills in all general informatics related issues and procedures. This includes some experience with, XNA game development platform, some basic programming skills, and more recently looking into the use and manipulation of the Unity engine. This has also made me very quick at learning and getting used to new tools and applications.


  • Character Modeling and Texturing
  • Highpoly Sculpting
  • and Lowpoly knowledge. UV generation
  • Texture painting and Normal Map baking.